Network Security

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In today’s connected world, effective information security across the entire business network, has never been more vital.

Every day there are countless malicious attempts to steal, illegally modify, intercept, or disseminate confidential documents, or gain unauthorised access to private and business networks. Clarity Birmingham examines the key challenges that businesses face in protecting their IT infrastructure, in relation to networked office devices, such as Multifunction Printers (MFPs)
and Printers.

The risk posed by unsecured MFPs and Printers is often misunderstood and ignored, or businesses simply lack the expertise and resources to start tackling the problem. A lack of awareness amongst users is also exacerbating the problem as bad practices needlessly expose documents and data to the risk of being compromised. Businesses understand the steps that they need to take to create a Print Security Policy, but it can be a complex and time-consuming process.

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Sharp MFP Network Security

Sharp MFPs feature an intelligent network interface that can limit access to specific computers on a network, and selectively enable or disable any protocol or service port on each device. The security dashboard allows you to monitor the MFP for any unauthorised actions or changes, reducing risks and threats to your network.

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There is also an intelligent network interface and firewall that can restrict access to specific computers on a network, and selectively enable or disable any protocol or service port on each device.

Whether you are looking to secure your MFPs or centralise security management of your printer-fleet we can provide a unique toolset that helps IT administrators manage a consistent print security policy for greater convenience to:

 connect, monitor and manage your devices from one, intuitive central console
 create and deploy your own network and print security policies seamlessly
 achieve compliance with the latest security regulations including GDPR

Your data is at risk. It could be altered, stolen or intercepted while being transferred over your network or the internet. Securing your MFPs prevents devices being used in an advanced cyber-attack and safeguards the data stored on the device. Whether you’re scanning, printing, or sharing information, Sharp will help protect your sensitive data through:

 encrypting data on the device
 encrypted Adobe PDF files
 use of SSL protocols
 email encryption

Sharp was the world’s first MFP manufacturer to achieve Common Criteria certification and was also the first to receive EAL 4 for a Data Security Kit (DSK). We are also now recognised as the first manufacturer to comply with the Hard Copy Device Protection Profile (HCDPP) standard. Network and data security continue to be fundamental components of Sharp’s MFPs and printers, with a range of standard and optional security features and tools designed to protect data stored on the device or in transition.