Output Security

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The need to protect documents that are physically or electronically output from MFPs and Printers is an often overlooked area of information security. Sharp defines Output Security as security that is related to print output as well as electronic output from Multifunction Printers (MFPs) or Printers. This category includes all printed documents and electronic images of information in transit from a PC to a printing device (including printing through dedicated print servers), scan (including scan-to-folder, scan-to-email, scan-tocloud, scan-to-HDD) and fax.

Clarity Birmingham Sharp solutions can solve problems by helping you to:
– Choose the right solution that fits your requirements and helps build the strong pillars of your Print Security Policy.
– An Output Management system can control access, apply printing rules, restrict functionality and ensure accurate tracking and reporting of all documents that are output.
– Choosing the right solution provider for your Output Management and related output activities

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Sharp Output Security

The number of organisations consolidating their MFP and Printer fleets is growing and businesses are looking for unification and standardisation. This brings a number of challenges due to a lack of tools to control the MFP and Printer:
– Functionality
– Output
– Security (as part of the network)

Output Security should be recognised as one of the key focus points in every modern business that uses MFPs and Printers. Providing the right tools Research analysts highlight the need to implement sufficient tools and measures to handle multiple print files, across multiple print devices to serve multiple users.

Your data is at risk. It could be altered, stolen or intercepted while being transferred over your network or the internet. Securing your MFPs prevents devices being used in an advanced cyber-attack and safeguards the data stored on the device. Whether you’re scanning, printing, or sharing information, Sharp will help protect your sensitive data through:

 encrypting data on the device
 encrypted Adobe PDF files
 use of SSL protocols
 email encryption

Clarity Birmingham works with Sharp products everyday and across all areas of expertise, such as:


  • Providing the right tools
  • Securing output access
  • Number of documents and unattended printouts
  • Scanning
  • Faxing
  • Mobile printing
  • Understanding the risks
  • Copying
  • Tracking and reporting
  • Printing
  • and much more… Speak to us now