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Photocopier leasing and photocopier rental

Clarity Birmingham Office Solutions are the photocopier leasing company you can always rely on. We offer a premier, flexible photocopier leasing service which allows you to take advantage of all the benefits photocopier leasing can provide.

Short term photocopier and printer rental

Short term photocopier rental is a flexible and cost effective solution for companies who cannot commit to long term leases or do not have the available capital to purchase the machine they require. – Readmore at: Short Term Photocopier Rental

Clarity Birmingham repair, service, supply, maintain and repair copier and printers of all Sharp copier repairs, Printers faxes and photocopiers in Birmingham, West Midlands.

Our engineers are trained to a high standard and can help you from fitting toner to providing IT support and repairing all makes of office equipment. Whether you need to order toner, your copier or Printer is in need of a service or repair we are always close to hand. Call 0121 712 7500 now.

Benefits of Photocopier Leasing

Photocopier Leasing:
Be aware photocopier leasing involves entering into a hire agreement that allows you to hire the machine for set period of time. After the lease agreement expires the equipment is retained by the leasing company. You can upgrade before the agreement expires or after to ensure that your equipment is still suitable for your current requirements. This is the most popular way of getting a high value photocopier or printer as it allows you to spread the cost over a period of time, normally 3 or 5 years. You can also take advantage of tax benefits for leasing the photocopier over a 3 year term.

Outright Purchase:

Outright purchase requires a large initial outlay in the beginning but can sometimes work out the better option in the long run if you are confident that your requirements will not change considerably over the next 3-5 years. If you intend to keep your equipment for a long time and the equipment is available for less than £1000 then buying the machine outright maybe the best solution for you, ask a Clarity Birmingham member for a solution that will suit you.

Financial Summary:

The financial difference between the two options is relatively little based on a 5 year period, but leasing over a 3 year term is more beneficial due to greater tax benefits.

The Conclusion:

The Conclusion is that both options have their benefits but if you want the flexibility to change the equipment as of when your requirements change then we believe that leasing the photocopier equipment is the best option for the majority of businesses

Clarity Birmingham Solutions have 35 years of collective industry experience which is why we know exactly what it takes to offer our customers the best customer service possible. We understand every business is different so we have a key understanding to find the best solution to make your business the most efficient and profitable it can possibly be. We are a market leader in photocopier leasing and have the ability to offer great deals, not just on photocopier leasing, but also on photocopier hire, repair, rental and sales; we also offer a printer leasing service to those who require it.

Since beginning trading in 1998, Clarity Birmingham Solutions has enjoyed a 97.99% customer retention rate, which speaks volumes about the high standard of customer service all our customers receive on a daily basis.

All of our customers get one dedicated and experienced consultant as their primary point of contact for any queries they may have and we are proud to only supply our customers with the most efficient innovation on the market at the time their photocopier leasing agreement begins.

Clarity Birmingham is a total solutions provider which delivers a wide range of digital photocopier/printer/scanner business machines and supplies from Sharp industry’s.

We offer a wide array of printing & photocopying products and services customised to help you achieve your business objectives.

We also provide toners for customers who prefer not to have a service agreement or simply need supplies ASAP.

All our products are from the manufacturers and spare parts are delivered the next day for photocopier/printers that need a part exchanged once a service engineer has attended your company.

If you are interested in any products that are not visible on the site please call our experienced and knowledgeable sales consultants who will either provide information and pricing if required as well as recommending an alternative solution.